The Great Gatsby Book to Movie Review


The movie really captured the book in such a wonderful way that completely exceeded my expectations. There were no scenes from the book, that I can remember, that are not in the movie.What the movie did, though, is add to all of those scenes and made them even more whimsical and beautiful and fun.

The settings in the movie were so extravagant and had such a 1920’s old Hollywood feel to them that them look realistic but also like you were watching a dream because of how glamorous and beautifully they were made and edited. This is how all book to movie adaptations should be. They should have all of the major points of the book, and change nothing, only add more. That is what this movie did.

Seeing this movie in 3D is also really amazing. The way that the water, words that float around, snow, and rain look so cool in 3D. I highly recommend that everyone go see this movie whether you have read the book or not. This is the best book to movie adaptation that I have ever seen, and one of the most well done movies that I have seen in my life.

Rating: 5 Stars/ 5 Stars


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